"Geoff and Janna are terrific facilitators! Their creative writing prompts give each of us great ideas and stories! The positive feel of the feedback gives us all more confidence to continue.

—Sherri D. Finnegan

"Inspiring, motivating, and fun! Geoff and Janna really encourage you to reach deep inside and find your best writing."

—Karen Price Hossell

"Participating in the Silver Fern Writing Workshop is a stimulating creative outlet. It is the best event in Orlando."

—Suki Kay

"Attending the writing workshop with Janna and Geoff Benge, I learned a great deal about the mechanics and theory of the craft. They are exceptionally talented teachers. Their critiques were sensitive and pertinent. The most important aspect was, that it gave me the encouragement and confidence to begin writing on a regular basis. The entire experience was enjoyable and rewarding."

—Buz Donahoo

“The Silver Fern Writing Workshop was exceptionally beneficial. I have participated in numerous writing workshops in the past, and while they have all been thought provoking, they tended to be overly critical of each person's writing. The idea of this workshop is positive reinforcement; the group is encouraged to punctuate the aspects of your writing that work well. By pointing out the strengths each writer possesses, each of us was able to get a glimpse of our individual writing style and what we have to offer the writing community. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism in workshops, but people tend to get bogged down in what is wrong with an individual's writing rather than emphasizing what makes the piece riveting and unique; too much negativity makes the writer forget what they are doing right. Through the Silver Fern Writing Workshop I learned that my particular writing style is humorous and playful, yet grounded in reality and sincerity.

As well, each week we met in the workshop, different tools were utilized to further expand our creativity by making us dig deep within ourselves and overcome obstacles that have long plagued our minds and kept us from reaching our full writing potential.”

—David Molitor

“Thank you so much for a remarkable workshop. For anyone seeking a hospitable writing environment, the Silver Fern Writing Workshop is unparalleled in its nurturance of writers of all ability levels! It was wonderful being part of such a diverse group, all of us committed to becoming better writers. I think each of us benefited in a different way. For me, it was finding a new voice and gaining confidence in taking more risks with my writing.

Since the workshop, I have completed a new short story based on one of the writing prompts we were given. That simple visual prompt inspired me to resurrect a memory I had of a trip to Alaska twenty years ago! And, I surprised myself in choosing a writing genre that I had never used before. The story shows much more resonance and quality than I am accustomed to in my writing. What a terrific gift.

Geoff and Janna's background as published authors and experienced teachers distinguishes them in this workshop format. I really appreciated the craft sessions and accompanying writing exercises. The Amherst Method of teaching provides such encouragement, and I really believe that I have grown as a result of their instruction.”

—Nancy Fox

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